In this article, Mayur Saxena, CEO of Droice Labs discusses the challenges doctors face in today’s healthcare system due to overwhelming data and administrative burdens, which detract from patient care and suggests that AI and machine learning technologies offer solutions by transforming data into actionable insights, improving efficiency and accuracy in healthcare delivery.

Mayur emphasizes the importance of involving doctors for startups developing AI-based healthcare solutions from the outset and offers insights into the key attributes that startups need to seek in their doctor-advisors.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Taking care of patients requires doctors to take action: First, they take in a wide variety of data points, and then they make a call on the next steps. In today’s world of “data overload,” doctors are bombarded with data from many sources and are often not able to process or understand data quickly enough to make the best decisions for their patients.

AI solutions that can process this data and quickly provide useful recommendations to clinicians can help; however, doctors do not generally like or trust information from “black boxes.” They want to know why a recommendation is made. The “why” behind a piece of information is a key component that makes that information trusted and actionable.

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