Droice Labs CEO Mayur Saxena joined The Health Innovators Show’s host Dr. Roxie Mooney to discuss the company’s vision, journey and the market landscape.

Dr. Mooney is a seasoned healthcare commercialization strategist and marketing professional with over a decade of experience helping healthcare startups commercialize and scale up their business. Her video podcast brings together entrepreneurs, influencers, and boundary-pushing professionals to keep track of the rapidly changing landscape of digital health and healthcare technology.

Their wide-ranging conversation covered several topics, including Mayur’s academic and professional background, the myriad challenges of data utilization within medical practice, the insight that launched Droice, the determination of the team to help the industry overcome those challenges, the power and limitations of AI to assist healthcare decision-makers, and the peculiar financial and operational dynamics of an ambitious, deep-tech startup.

Here’s a snippet from the discussion:

The full video can be found here.