About Us

Healthcare deeply and meaningfully impacts: Every. Single. Person. On. Earth. We believe we can make it better, a lot better, by empowering decisions based on data.

Our mission

We believe that AI is a tool that can empower doctors to provide higher quality care. We use the latest advances in machine learning and analytics to build products that streamline clinical workflow and help doctors make the best decisions in the toughest of circumstances, faster. Our versatile AI pipeline can be integrated with a large range of healthcare data sources such as EMR systems.


Our culture encourages every Droice member to go beyond their vertical of excellence and to curiously explore and understand the interplay of technology, human behavior, and policy in patient care. We strive for excellence in the quality of our work because every decision we influence affects a fellow human’s well being.

Our Technology

Our products affect millions of clinical decisions every day and have touched the lives of millions of patients. We have formed partnerships with well-respected hospital chains and some of the biggest players in healthcare IT, the pharmaceutical industry, and government agencies, both in the US and abroad.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, data scientists, engineers, researchers, and security experts is passionate about transforming healthcare by empowering data-driven healthcare decisions. We have a very open environment where people are encouraged to share new ideas. Our people are intelligent, curious, ambitious, imaginative, and passionate about technology.



Aleksandr Makarov


He completed his masters in Data Science from Columbia University. Prior to joining Columbia for his Masters, Alex was the Head of Business Intelligence for FoodPanda…


Mayur Saxena, PhD


Mayur has been part of several high growth startups. He has spent the last decade in healthcare data strategy and precision medicine. Cofounder of Ardent Cell…


Rourke M. Yeakley, MD

Head of Innovation

Dr. Rourke Yeakley is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician for over 15 years and heads innovation at Droice Labs. He is the founder of Precision EM, dedicated to…


Tasha Nagamine

Chief AI Officer

Tasha specializes in a special domain of AI — biologically inspired neural networks. As part of her Ph.D. work at Columbia University, she developed cutting-edge technologies…


Harshit Saxena

Chief Operating Officer

Harshit manages integration of cutting-edge AI solutions in large healthcare enterprises. In the past, he led product integration and development teams at GE and Oracle…


John Kahoun, MD

Chief Medical Technology Officer

He is a founding partner of one of the biggest urgent care chains in the United States (CityMD, acquired by Warburg Pincus for ~600 million USD). He received his medical degree…


Deep Bhattacharya

Chief Information Security Officer

Deep is a Certified Ethical Hacker and a Cybersecurity Master’s graduate from New York University who has prior experience in penetration testing, incident response…


Tadd Spering

Chief Business Officer

Tadd has held senior sales, management, and product development positions at HSBC and Catamaran, in addition to founding a web design company while…

Core values


  • Be Curious
  • Learn by Doing
  • Learn from Mistakes


  • Be Audacious
  • Inspire Ideas
  • There is No Box


  • Be Patient
  • Ready to Adapt
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Keep Commitments
  • Be Accountable
  • Be Proactive

Our People

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