Our Mission Matters

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Our Mission Matters

Healthcare deeply and meaningfully impacts every single person on Earth. We believe we can make it better…a lot better. Droice uses AI to empower data-informed decisions that make high-quality care personalization possible at scale. We combine the latest advances in machine learning, natural language processing, data science, and data engineering with deep clinical and biomedical expertise to build the tools that allow health systems, life sciences, and payors to position—for the first time in history—long-term patient wellbeing at the center of their strategic objectives. The ambition of our mission and the transformative potential of our technology is what drives our commitment to Droice’s success.

A Home for Difference Makers

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Our culture encourages every Droice member to go beyond their vertical of excellence and to curiously explore and understand the interplay of technology, medicine, business, and humanity. We demand excellence in the quality of our own work because everything we do affects a fellow human’s healthcare. Our people are intelligent, imaginative, driven, and passionate. If you’re excited about surmounting challenges, learning new things, honing skills, and making a dent in the universe, you belong at Droice.

different people

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Mayur Saxena

Mayur Saxena, Ph.D.

Tasha Nagamine

Tasha Nagamine, MS

Harshit Saxena

Harshit Saxena, MS

Chief Product Officer
Deep Bhattacharya

Deep Bhattacharya, MS

Chief Information Security Officer
John Kahoun

John Kahoun, MD

Chief Medical Technology Officer
Brian Gillete

Brian Gillete, Ph.D

VP, Data