Data Enablement Delivers Improved Outcomes

Hawk is a vertically integrated, AI-based data enablement technology that ingests raw, messy patient data—including free text and unstructured content—from various sources and transforms them into research-ready form. Trained and tuned on data from millions of patients, Hawk helps accelerate research and clinical decision-making for several large health systems and life sciences companies.

Why Hawk?

Enable evidence with
dynamic data pipes

Move raw, messy data straight from the source all the way to research-ready analysis with Hawk’s end-to-end, AI-enabled software.

Deliver quality & reliability
in patient data

Replace manual queries, ad hoc ETL, and cumbersome human curation with lossless data pipelines that handle volume and complexity with speed and accuracy.

Incorporate data
from anywhere

Hawk dynamically builds structure and context for new data sources, harmonizing patient profiles across format, geography, and language.

Ensure speed &

Reduce data preparation time from months to minutes.

Unlock new research & clinical
care opportunities

Leverage better data to supercharge existing use cases, or enable completely new ones.

Leverage regulatory-
grade data

Augment regulatory submissions and clinical research with regulatory-grade data lineage & traceability.

before after

Built for everything

Hawk scales across the noise, bias, and nuance of every source and maximizes information utilization.

Data Agnostic

Ingest and combine data from any patient-relevant database or digital system.

Free-Text Capable

Connect clinical free-text and embedded unstructured content in any language to quantifiable medical concepts and ontologies.


Combine or focus data from different systems in any language, from any geographic region.

Condition Independent

Analyze any condition or outcome of interest.

Secure and Private

Operate in full compliance with all major global standards.

Flexibly Deployable

Run in the cloud or on-premises.

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