In this Forbes feature, Mayur Saxena, CEO and co-founder of Droice Labs discusses the importance of comprehensive patient data in enhancing healthcare, leveraging AI and machine learning to organize complex patient data efficiently, enabling healthcare professionals to spend more time analyzing it for personalized care, and prioritizing patient privacy and digital trust. 

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

“Our machine learning system takes all the data about an individual into account, and breaks it down so that a doctor, pharmaceutical scientist or healthcare insurer can understand patients better and faster,” said Saxena. “Instead of repetitive, disparate one-on-one diagnoses and follow-up care, we’re automating personalized care for a much larger patient population. With shared insights across a large patient population, physicians can chart disease progress and prescribe the best treatment plan. Clinical research into new drugs that took years could be reduced to days or weeks.”

Saxena said that one hospital reduced the amount of time it took to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis for patients by over 20 percent.

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