Droice Hawk

Unlock Patient Data’s Full Potential

Hawk uses uncurated patient data to create accurate and comprehensive patient profiles to enable high-value research and care personalization use cases. Healthcare stakeholders use Hawk to inform research, generate novel hypotheses, improve clinical decision-making, and provide better evidence to payers and regulators.


For Research Use

  • Ingest and harmonize clinical data from various patient data sources.
  • Generate high-quality research-ready data for effective clinical studies.
  • Enable sophisticated and innovative use cases for care personalization.
  • Accelerate real-world data processing to produce regulatory-grade data that empowers impactful real-world evidence analysis.

For Clinical Decision Making

  • Ingest any patient-relevant data directly from the source.
  • Surface clinically relevant and critical patient information.
  • Identify subpopulations at risk with high intervention opportunities.
  • Measure real clinical outcomes, not just metrics.

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Under the hood

Disease Understanding Without Limitations

Droice Research

Uncover the vast potential of patient data.

Droice Research collaborates with health systems, life science companies, and scientific institutions to rapidly aggregate disparate patient-relevant datasets, conduct novel analyses, and extract meaningful insights with significant clinical and financial implications.

The findings of Droice Research and its scientists have been leveraged and validated in the field by leading healthcare organizations and published in high-impact, peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  • Jama
  • Celpress
  • Nature SC Reports
  • Nature