Droice selected in SAP.iO Enterprise Health-Focused Startup Accelerator Program

The SAP.iO program is designed to accelerate startups working within healthcare: hospital system providers, employee health and wellness solutions, medical devices and health IT. SAP.iO will provide access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers to each of the seven early-stage startups chosen for the program.


Multilingual NLP for clinical text: impacting healthcare with big data globally

With the widespread adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs) and recent advances in machine learning, natural language processing has come to the forefront in clinical AI. Despite the challenges of working with unstructured text, doctors’ notes and other clinical text contains some of the richest information about a patient. Droice presented real-world use cases of NLP-powered solutions in several languages built by leveraging massive repositories of clinical text to help clinicians make better decisions for individual patients.

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Interview with Grow with Tech Magazine

We firmly believe that good quality healthcare should be accessible to everyone. What keeps us going is the number of human lives we affect every day & the number of lives we can affect in the future. Every small successful step Droice takes saves millions of dollars in healthcare & improves the lives of thousands of physicians and patients.

Using AI for Rare diseases

Using AI for Rare diseases

In the USA, the FDA defines a rare disease as any disease that affects fewer than 200,000 Americans. It is estimated that 350 million people suffer from rare diseases worldwide. Mayur gave a talk on using AI to find rare disease. He spoke about how AI makes it possible to find rare diseases using AI on unstructured data. He also spoke about how Droice technology makes it possible to identify these rare disease patient cohorts.


Lookback at HIMSS’19

Champions of health, it was great to unite at #HIMSS19 to improve health using technology! For those of you not familiar with the event, it is a behemoth of healthcare IT conferences where you can connect with a wide variety of people from across the industry. After a non-stop week, it is now fantastic to reflect back on how great it was to meet so many people over the course of the conference.